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Our Commitment to Your Aviation Success

We understand your needs like no one else. Our tailored solutions in aviation project management, aircraft acquisition support, and maintenance program expertise set the standard for excellence.

  • Bespoke Solutions

    From helicopters to fixed-wing aircraft, find custom solutions crafted for your unique needs.

  • Unrivaled Expertise

    Our team, with over 40 years of combined experience, brings unparalleled knowledge to your most complex aviation challenges.

  • End-to-End Support

    Experience seamless acquisition, modernization, and management with our comprehensive aviation project management services.

  • Trusted by Industry Leaders

    Join the ranks of esteemed partners like Safran, Airbus, Leonardo, Lockheed-Martin, who trust us to elevate their customers operations.

Our Commitment to Your Aviation Success

Our Updates

Stay informed with the latest Hinterford’s global activities, from industry events to strategic partnerships.

    We will be in Eurosatory 2024, let’s bespoke of your projects

    We are proud to have assisted the Romanian MINISTRY OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS THROUGH DEPARTMENT FOR EMERGENCY SITUATIONS (DSU) in its project to acquire and configure 4 S-70i “Blackhawk” retrofit in Poland by PZL Mielec (Sikorsky Group – Lockheed-Martin) dedicated to SAR missions


Detailed Services

Comprehensive Aviation Services Tailored for Excellence

  • Helicopters

    Tailored to Your High Standards

    New Acquisition

    Elevate Your Fleet with Our New Acquisition Service At Hinterford, we specialize in defining the perfect configuration for your brand new helicopter. Our meticulous process includes setting up and monitoring the manufacturer from the initial order to the final delivery. We excel in selecting the finest pre-owned aircraft, safeguarding your investment with our unmatched expertise.

    Our comprehensive approach ensures all parties involved in the transaction and exploitation are contracted, providing you a seamless experience.


    Navigating the Pre-owned Market with Precision Hinterford stands as your trusted partner in reselling helicopters. We actively promote your aircraft in the market, ensuring your investment is protected with our profound expertise.

    Our extensive network within the helicopter community guarantees that we always find the most effective pathway to the right buyer.

    Market Actors and Value

    A Strong Network for Unmatched Market Value Hinterford maintains constant contact with key market players, including manufacturers, brokers, lessees, insurers, operators, and MROs.

    This extensive network positions us to offer comprehensive services that support and elevate your project in every aspect.

    CAMO, PART-145, MCO, EMAR Expertise and Ratings

    Our technical and industrial partners is the one of the more efficient expertise on the market, civilian or Military. We working in tight cooperation with the main actors like Airbus, Bell, Leonardo/Agusta, Sikorsky aircraft by PZL Mielec in Poland (Lochkeed Martin Group), Safran, Pratt&Whitney, Rolls&Royce, General Electric, Zodiac Aerospace, Thales, Garmin, Rockwell Collins, etc.

    Our ratings through our partners are :

    • Airbus Helicopters : SA 342 Gazelle, SE 3130 Alouette II, H125, H130, H135, H145, H155, H175, H215 (AS 332), H225 (EC 225 LP)
    • Bell Helicopters : Bell 407, Bell 505, Bell 205, Bell 212, Bell 412 (HP, SP, EP,EPI), Bell 429
    • Leonardo/Agusta : AW 119, AW 109 (Elite, SP, Grand New), AW 169, AW 139, AW 189
    • Sikorsky : UH-60 / S70 i “Black hawk”, “Fire Hawk”
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  • Airplanes

    Airplane Acquisition and Management

    New Acquisition

    Hinterford sets the standard for airplane acquisitions, ensuring your new aircraft meets every expectation from configuration to delivery.

    Our protection of your investment extends to selecting the best pre-owned aircraft, managing all transactional and operational aspects with unmatched expertise.

    Pre-Owned Expertise

    We guide our clients through the resale process, maximizing exposure and safeguarding investments with our deep industry knowledge.

    Hinterford’s expansive network finds the optimal path to potential buyers, making the fixed-wing world seem smaller and more accessible.

    Comprehensive Operations Support

    For corporate transportation, airline shuttles, or private business aviation, Hinterford’s mastery over regulations and operational constraints ensures seamless operations.

    Our active involvement in AOC exploitations keeps our team at the forefront, ready to support your operations with up-to-the-minute expertise.

    Market and Value Insight

    Our ongoing dialogue with key industry figures, including manufacturers, brokers, and insurers, positions Hinterford as your comprehensive support system for any airplane project.

    We bring a world of services and support to your hangar door, ensuring you’re always connected and informed.

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  • Police & Air Ambulance

    Tailored Aviation Solutions for Life-Saving Missions

    Customized Police Mission Equipment

    Every mission is unique, and so is our approach to equipping your fleet. Hinterford offers tailor-made equipment configurations, catering specifically to your operational needs.

    Choose from industry-leading options for searchlights, EO/IR systems, hoists, mission management, and navigation systems, ensuring your unit has the best tools for the task at hand.

    The Ultimate Helicopter Choice

    In the critical fields of police work and air ambulance services, choosing the right helicopter can make all the difference. Hinterford boasts strong connections with leading manufacturers like Leonardo Helicopters, Airbus Helicopters, and Bell.

    We leverage our extensive experience with models suited for various operational environments — from high and hot conditions to low-altitude urban areas — ensuring you select the helicopter(s) that best fit your mission requirements.

    Advanced Medical Interiors

    Collaborating with top medical interior companies, Hinterford ensures your air ambulance is equipped to the highest standards.

    Our team, including engineers and HEMS doctors, oversees the completion of your cabin, outfitting it with cutting-edge medical equipment to meet the rigorous demands of modern HEMS operations.

    Pre-owned Market for Flexible Solutions

    Our dedicated network facilitates the resale and purchase of pre-owned helicopters, ready for operation with current equipment or specific completions.

    This flexibility allows for a seamless transition between police and HEMS configurations, providing cost-effective solutions for advancing mission capabilities within budgetary constraints.

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  • Search, Rescue &Firefighting

    Specialized Solutions for Critical Missions

    Acquisition Expertise

    When it comes to mission-critical acquisitions, Hinterford leads with precision. We tailor the configuration of new helicopters to meet exact operational requirements, overseeing everything from order to delivery.

    Our expertise extends to selecting the finest pre-owned aircraft, ensuring your investment is not only protected but optimized for mission success.

    Dedicated Support for Mission Readiness

    We keep you focused on your mission while we handle the complexities. Hinterford maintains constant contact with industry-leading manufacturers, brokers, lessees, insurers, and MROs to deliver a comprehensive service package.

    Our capabilities include configuring medical interiors and equipping aircraft with essential mission equipment.

    Rotor Wing Excellence

    With a formidable track record of over 200 helicopter sales, Hinterford’s experience in the Search and Rescue and firefighting sectors is unparalleled. From Leonardo to Airbus and Bell, we’ve facilitated the sale and customization of aircraft with medical interiors, retrofitting them with mission-critical equipment like hoists, floats, and searchlights to meet the rigorous demands of SAR and firefighting missions.

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Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Training and Audits

Enhancing Airside Safety with Expert Training and Audits

Comprehensive "In-House" Training

Aligned with ICAO, FAA, and EASA standards, Hinterford offers specialized FOD training sessions directly at your site for HSE and risk managers.

Our program is designed for immediate deployment “in-house,” complete with audit templates for reporting to civil aviation authorities or insurers.

Ideal for construction companies operating near airports, our training ensures your team is equipped to maintain the highest levels of safety and compliance.

Proactive FOD Audit and Inspection

Hinterford takes a proactive approach to airside safety with thorough audits and inspections of existing procedures.

By analyzing and testing your current processes, we identify areas for improvement and provide recurrent training or skill refreshers for your staff. Our technical and technological solutions aim to mitigate the substantial costs associated with FOD, which impacts the civilian market and air forces globally.

With Hinterford, you’re not just complying with best practices; you’re setting them.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What services does Hinterford Sp. Zoo offer in the aviation industry?

    Hinterford Sp. Zoo specializes in aviation project management, aircraft acquisition support, and maintenance program expertise, offering bespoke solutions for both helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. Their services span the full lifecycle of aviation assets, from acquisition to modernization, ensuring clients’ aviation aspirations soar.

  • Why should one choose Hinterford for their aviation needs?

    With over 20 years of experience and a track record of success, Hinterford stands out for its bespoke solutions, unrivaled expertise, comprehensive end-to-end support, and a prestigious client base. They provide custom-tailored approaches to meet the unique needs of discerning clients, ensuring seamless aviation project management.

  • Can Hinterford handle both new and pre-owned aircraft transactions?

    Yes, Hinterford excels in managing both new acquisitions and the resale of pre-owned helicopters and airplanes. Their meticulous process includes everything from initial configuration to final delivery for new assets, and targeted market promotion and expert negotiation for pre-owned sales, ensuring optimal value for clients.

  • What kind of specialized aviation solutions does Hinterford provide?

    Hinterford offers specialized solutions for police and air ambulance services, including custom mission equipment configurations and advanced medical interiors. They also excel in search and rescue and firefighting missions, providing acquisition expertise, dedicated support, and rotor wing excellence for critical operations.

  • How does Hinterford ensure airside safety and compliance?

    Through comprehensive “in-house” FOD (Foreign Object Debris) training aligned with ICAO, FAA, and EASA standards, and proactive audits and inspections, Hinterford enhances airside safety. Their training programs and technical solutions are designed for immediate deployment and compliance, catering to construction companies and aviation operators alike.

  • How can one engage with Hinterford Sp. Zoo for aviation project management and support?

    Interested parties can elevate their aviation journey by connecting with Hinterford’s experts through their contact page or by scheduling a consultation. Hinterford is committed to tailoring its services to meet the unique needs and aspirations of each client, ensuring unparalleled excellence in aviation endeavors.

Elevate Your Aviation Expertise with Hinterford

Unlock the full potential of your aviation projects with our bespoke solutions and expert guidance. Whether it’s acquisition, retrofit, or comprehensive project management, Hinterford is your partner in achieving unparalleled excellence in the skies.

Let’s discuss how we can tailor our services to your unique needs and aspirations.

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